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Joy Atkinson is a creator driven to the art of visual emotional communication. The creative spirit leading her to pursue a career in the field, she studied at The Savannah College of Art and Design.
In this academic pursuit, she earned a BFA in illustration and minor in advertising- cum laude. Going on to work as a graphic & motion designer at Atlanta's Ethic Inc, she used her interpersonal and design skills to bring client's conceptual ideas to life before moving to pursuing her own passions of music and visual art.

Joy loves getting to apply her personality, knowledge, and experiences to each project she's involved in- and more than anything, enjoys being a part of something bigger than herself.
With an interest in video games, cosplay, and alternative subcultures,
Joy pulls inspiration from these and enjoys experimenting with color palettes and surrealism. She is always looking towards trying new things and challenging herself artistically.

In her free time, Joy enjoys making music, aromatherapy, and reading.


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